Workforce Solutions


This section is to keep educators informed of industry needs in order to better prepare their students for employment.

Ensuring The Future - Middle Skill Gap Assessment for Advanced Logistics and Business Services 

As a continuation of the Regional Strategic Plan for the area encompassing El Paso, Texas, Southern New Mexico and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico that ultimately created the Borderplex Alliance in 2012, Thomas P Miller and Associates (TPMA) was contracted to perform a middle-skill gap assessment for the El Paso Region. With workforce development as a crucial piece of The Borderplex Alliance 2015-2020 Regional Strategic Plan, TPMA was charged with analyzing the potential for career advancement via “middle-skill” level positions defined as positions that require some education or training beyond high school, but not a Bachelor’s degree. Specifically, TPMA evaluated the middle-skill opportunities within the Advanced Logistics and Business Services industries, the two most promising industries to benefit from strategic recommendations to more efficiently upskill workers to more advanced degrees. 

Download: Skils Gap Analysis Report 


Target Occupations and Demand List: Trainings funded by workforce program dollars must align with the Borderplex's Target and Demand Occupation's lists. 

"Target Occupations" are defined as: 

  • 10% or more Employment Growth within 10 years
  • 20 or more Openings per year
  • $12.00 or more Average Hourly Wage  

"Demand Occupations" are defined as:

  • 10% or more Employment Growth within 10 years
  • 15 or more Openings per year

Download: Target and Demand Occupations List