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Who We Are

Formally, we’re one of 28 public workforce development boards in Texas serving the six-county Borderplex region. We’re a nonprofit opportunity incubator, personalizing the career path and connecting the right people to the right positions. With the tools, programs and services we provide, we know you can do anything you put your heart into. Our organization and its initiatives have been recognized and awarded by the Texas Workforce Commission for our innovative approach to assisting employers and jobseekers. Whether you’re changing industries, reentering the workforce, or just need paying work.

Our Job Is To Make Getting The Job You Want Convenient & Easy

We offer nearly everything you need to get you where you’re going. If we don’t have it, we have a network of innovative partners who do. When you come to Workforce Solutions Borderplex, you become family. Families share, that’s just what we do. We’re a group of people proud of our roots. WSB is the outlet we use to express our passion for the place we call home. Every day, we help people and businesses achieve their goals.


Empowering all people to discover innovative resources and untapped possibilities to fuel business solutions.


Be a catalyst and conduit for a dynamic economy that achieves regional and global prosperity.

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