Employing Individuals with Disabilities Embrace Accessibility

Considering hiring or recruiting an employee with a disability? Accommodating an individual with a disability is simple when you have Workforce Solutions Borderplex supporting you with no-cost solutions.

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Contact a local Texas Workforce Commission representative of the Vocational Rehabilitation program to get started.

Available Services
Assistance Accommodating Employees with
Information on Programs & Benefits,
Disability Awareness Training
Recruitment & Job-Matching
Understanding State & Federal Compliance
Coordinating Employer Symposia & Job Fairs
Employer Success Stories
Addison Sommers

Addison came to WSB after her employer closed their doors and she was left without a job and three kids to feed. Working with a WSB Career Counselor, Addison was able to enroll in a technical program, qualify for a scholarship, and train for a new career. Within 18 months, she completed the program, found new employment and began earning a higher wage than she had previously received.

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