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Workforce Solutions Borderplex and El Paso Hispanic Chamber Offering Entrepreneurial and Financial Literacy Trainings

Workforce Solutions Borderplex and the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are collaborating to provide job seekers with Entrepreneurial Development & Financial Literacy trainings at all Workforce Solutions Borderplex Career Centers beginning this month. 

The entrepreneurial trainings will assist people who are interested in startups by providing the fundamentals of writing a business plan, helping to find financing and connecting individuals with advisors and mentors. Other trainings include assistance and/or training in finance, management, marketing, procurement through the internet, specialized topics and home-based businesses. These training sessions will help individuals take the skills one has developed as an employee and potentially turn those into a business. 

The financial literacy trainings are tailored to job seekers and their understanding of banking, savings, and the importance of good credit standing. The sessions will emphasize basic banking and budgeting, credit and debt management, income planning, risk management and taxes for an overall financial literacy experience.


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