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IT Skills Gap Analysis Report

The Borderplex Alliance, in partnership with Workforce Solutions Borderplex, Microsoft, and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, hired TIP Strategies to conduct a workforce analysis focused on information technology as a cross-industry function and talent cluster. This study is a continuation of a series of studies that have been completed on business services, advanced logistics, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences. The assessment that follows focuses on anticipated Informational Technology skills and occupational needs and the educational infrastructure and talent pipeline to support them. The assessment highlights the key findings from the analysis and makes recommendations on how the Borderplex Alliance and its partners can work to improve the alignment of the talent pipeline with the needs of employers in El Paso County.

ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey United States - Q3 2018

More than 11,500 interviews were conducted with employers within the United States, including all 50 states, the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, to measure hiring intentions between July and September 2018. All participants were asked, “How do you anticipate total employment at your location to change in the three months to the end of September 2018 compared to the current quarter?”

2016/2017 U.S. Talent Shortage Survey

ManpowerGroup surveyed more than 2,200 hiring managers in the United States for the 11th Annual Talent Shortage Survey. The survey has found that amongst the ever-changing world of work, a constant challenge has emerged—talent shortages.

Work, for Me: Understanding Candidate Demand for Flexibility 

Workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option, it is an essential practice that enables organizations to attract and develop skilled talent.

White Paper - El Paso Workforce Transitions Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers

It is hard to overstate the economic importance of Fort Bliss on El Paso, with more than $1 billion, it is the largest single industry in El Paso. Each month in El Paso, Texas, approximately 500 Army veterans transition from military careers to civilian life. Vets face unique challenges readjusting to civilian life. Often one of the most significant challenges facing these well-deserving women and men is finding high-growth, civilian career pathways.

White Paper - YouthBuild El Paso!

It is anticipated that in the next five years, residential, commercial, and industrial construction will have a big demand for skilled labor, a resource that has been strained in El Paso due to competing growth in other Texas cities. WFSB’s YouthBuild El Paso! offers disconnected youth an opportunity to achieve their GED and gain construction training that produces the skills that are currently in-demand and pathways to high skilled trades in the future.

White Paper - Reboot El Paso

In the fall of 2017, Workforce Solutions Borderplex obtained a $241,000 grant from the Texas Workforce Commission. The grant allowed WSB to develop a robust technology training program with industry recognized certifications for disconnected youth to transcend their economic and educational barriers and go in to entry level positions in high-demand IT fields that are emerging in the El Paso region.

White Paper - JobCon, September 28, 2017

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB) and the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) hosted the First Annual JOBCON on Thursday, September 28th, as WSB found that students at this age are curious about careers, and are able to make decisions and changes in their learning track to courses and programs that will guide them towards their career goals. 

White Paper - Cyber-Security Training Program, September 2017

Workforce Solutions Borderplex has identified several in-demand IT occupations, specifically those in cyber security, business process automation and software development, and project management, as emerging in the El Paso region.

Skills Revolution 2.0 - Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions for the Skills Revolution

We are in the midst of a skills revolution. Technology is tranforming organizations, skills needs are changing rapidly, and we know companies cannot find the talent they need. People with in-demand skills who can continually learn and adapt can call the shots. 

Wages in the Borderplex

It’s no secret wages in El Paso are among the lowest of any major U.S. city. This new report shows what employers in the Borderplex region must do to retain and attract a talented workforce.  

Wages in the Borderplex charts


Skills Gap Analysis for the Advanced Manufacturing and Life Sciences Industries

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB), the Borderplex Alliance and the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation (MCA) partnered to launch a skills gap analysis for the advanced manufacturing and life sciences industries with a special focus on the medical device cluster, which is a combination of manufacturing and healthcare. The purpose of the assessment was to identify skills gaps in our two high growth industries as well as to determine the talent needs for growing El Paso’s medical device industry. 

You can access the full life sciences and advanced manufacturing skills gap report here


The full slide show from the symposium “The Future of the Medical Device Industry in El Paso and Juarez” can be found here:


Borderplex Skills Gap Analysis: Business Services and Advanced Logistics Industries

Through combining the labor market data and analysis, educational demand and supply analysis and the more qualitative data derived from focus groups and interviews of El Paso stakeholders in the form of employers, business owners and other interested parties, TPMA culminated the project with the formation of several recommendations to bolster the middle skill workforce within the El Paso area, specifically within the advanced logistics and business services sectors. These recommendations were further vetted by presenting to a combination of business services and advanced logistics employers and other stakeholders which further helped refine them. Ultimately, the Borderplex Alliance Middle Skill Gap Study for the two industries resulted in the following recommendations and conclusions: 

Recommendation 1: The further development and continued focus on Employer-Led Sector Strategies 
Recommendation 2: Workforce Skills Coordinator: Borderplex Council 
Recommendation 3: Marketing and Awareness 
Recommendation 4: Develop a region-wide employability and soft skills training 
Recommendation 5: Strategies for a tight labor market 
Recommendation 6: Ensure System Workforce Training Alignment 
Recommendation 7: Effective utilization of regional data 

Borderplex Alliance Steering Committee - Update presentation

Workforce Asset Mapping Report 

Workforce Solutions Borderplex (WSB) is amidst an exciting, albeit challenging, time in workforce development: the onset of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the ever-growing need to serve more with less. Under WIOA, Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) must use data and analytics to drive decision-making and increase partnerships and collaboration. The legislation provides WSB with an opportunity to braid innovation and technology into service delivery and referral mechanisms across the large Borderplex region in Far West Texas. In order to do so effectively, WSB recognized the need to conduct diligent research and analytics to build an accurate, user-friendly, and engaging resource inventory (the “Services Navigator”) to connect the broader workforce development system in the Borderplex region. 

Construction Industry Roundtable

This document was created to support the stakeholders and leaders at the Workforce Solutions Borderplex, The Borderplex Alliance, and the City of El Paso in regards to the current needs for training and economic development of the Construction industry. 

Tourism Industry Roundtable

This document was created to support the stakeholders and leaders at the Workforce Solutions Borderplex, The Borderplex Alliance, and the City of El Paso in regards to the current needs for training and economic development of the Tourism industry. 

Advanced Manufacturing Roundtable

This document was created to support the stakeholders and leaders at the Workforce Solutions Borderplex, The Borderplex Alliance, and the City of El Paso in regards to the current needs for training and economic development of the Advanced Manufacturing industry.