Hot Jobs

Every year, WSB publishes our list of target occupations for the Borderplex, where we confidently invest in training and skills development to progress our economy. These are what we call Hot Jobs, all of which fit specific criteria before making the final jump into our workforce development strategy. These occupations must meet the following: 

- Pay a $15.91 Living Wage
- Have more than 20 annual openings
- Have a projected industry growth of 10% or more

The list of 2023 Hot Jobs has been released! View it here

View our 2023 booklet here.


View 2022 Hot Jobs here. 

Annual Report

Workforce Solutions takes pride in analyzing and assessing our performance and effectiveness as a workforce development board funded by the Texas Workforce Commission and Department of Labor, in addition to an array of non-formula funding from strategic partners.

Our research team and program managers regularly report economic trends, program performance, and the labor market, producing a concise annual report each year.

Download the print version of our report here. 




Download our full financial and economic report here.