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December 1, 2016

El Paso (December 1st, 2016)- El Paso has been announced as one of 19 TechHire communities dedicated to creating pathways for more Americans to access well-paying tech jobs and expanding local tech sectors in communities across the country. El Paso will be joining a national network of 70 TechHire communities in receiving support to spearhead efforts to help overlooked and underrepresented Americans start technology careers.

We are excited to be part of this national initiative to start up “Reboot El Paso”, whose goal is to create 400 IT jobs by 2020. By working with our business partners early on, we plan to gain their commitments now to assure we meet this ambitious goal, if not exceed it. Technology is key to every industry sector now and in the future. By developing the talent pipeline, we can insure we are able to support emerging technology opportunities for our region,” said Joyce Wilson, CEO for Workforce Solutions Borderplex.

El Paso’s designation as a TechHire Community was only made possible due to the efforts of Workforce Solutions Borderplex, The Borderplex Alliance, The City of El Paso, Progress 321, The Hub of Human Innovation, and Cowork Oasis. All TechHire communities go through an intensive and competitive application process to demonstrate their level of commitment and readiness in expanding the technology sector. This TechHire designation shows that El Paso has the partners, employers, training providers, and the civil leadership support needed to implement and scale tech job opportunities for everyone.

“We are very pleased to welcome El Paso to the TechHire Initiative,” said Tess Posner, Managing Director of TechHire at Opportunity@Work, El Paso has demonstrated a true commitment to making opportunities in tech more inclusive in your community, and we at Opportunity@Work look forward to working with you to help implement, grow, and amplify your efforts.”

The 18 communities that will join the National TechHire Initiative in today’s announcement include:

•Alachua and Bradford Counties, FL

•Anchorage, AK

•Carroll County, MD

•Central Florida

•El Paso County, TX

•Bellevue, WA

•Boston, MA

•Howard County, MD

•Mobile, AL

•Oklahoma City, OK

•Omaha, NE

•Pensacola, FL

•Puerto Rico

•Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico

•Stamford, CT

•Tampa Bay Metro Region, FL

•Toledo, OH

•Trenton City, NJ

•Tulsa, OK


To learn more or join the TechHire Initiative, visit www.techhire.org. 



TechHire, an initiative powered by Opportunity@Work, is a nationwide, community-based movement that helps underrepresented job seekers start careers in the technology industry. TechHire partners with education providers from across the tech community to teach in-demand skills to people who want to take part in the modern economy—from overlooked youth, to veterans, to the long-term unemployed; and helps them find jobs by connecting them to a network of employers looking for tech talent. To learn more, visit www.techhire.org.



Opportunity@Work is a nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to expand access to career opportunities so that all Americans can work, learn, and earn to their full potential in a dynamic economy. By 2025, Opportunity@Work will empower over 1 million Americans, creating $20 billion+ per year of additional earnings for Americans across the country. Opportunity@Work expands access to career opportunities for all by building partnerships with employers, community organizations, civic leadership and job seekers to transform hiring practices, expand learning pathways, and pioneer talent financing. To learn more, visit www.opportunityatwork.org.