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Workforce Solutions

Mission, Vision & Goals


To provide skilled workers for employers by advancing education, employment, entrepreneurship and economic development opportunities in support of global competitiveness and regional prosperity.


Empower the most dynamic workforce to achieve global competitiveness and regional prosperity.

Strategic Goals

Leadership & Governance

  • Complete asset mapping to identify economic development stakeholders and resources
  • Conduct a skills gap analysis to align targeted industry clusters in the Borderplex with educational opportunities
  • Increase board understanding of WSB programs, services and impact through bi-monthly educational briefings
  • Increase WSB board engagement by assigning board members with at least one speaking engagement per year, ensuring WSB board representation on other boards and committees (eg. Borderplex Economic Alliance or Strategic E.D. Planning Committee)
  • Actively engage WSB board in identifying and soliciting at least one prospect for STEAM Fiesta
  • Ensure board members attend at least one state or national conference over a two-year period
  • Participate with staff on at least one Borderplex business roundtable

Organization & Communications 

  • Finalize relocation and satellite locations to maximize customer access and reduce cost
  • Develop and implement plan to increase presence in rural areas
  • Strengthen competitiveness and provide growth opportunities for staff with 50% of staff certified in area of expertise over a 24-month period
  • Work with local contractor to harness technology to improve efficiency and performance, increase customer access and reduce cost with measures to include reducing the number of help desk tickets by 25%
  • Leverage funding with other organizations to ensure coordination of economic development efforts to include recruitment and training in targeted industries
  • Obtain at least $500,000 in funding from alternative sources
  • Develop and implement marketing and PR strategy to build upon brand awareness and communications success
  • Increase business familiarity with the programs and services of the WSB
  • Win at least two TWC Awards at TWC Annual Conference (1 Board and 1 Performance)

Programs & Community

  • Increase net new employer relationships by 10%
  • Increase employment of veterans in partnership with employers by 20%
  • Partner with school districts to identify and reach out to out-of-school youth to complete their education with the goal of increasing GED’s by15%
  • Continue to advocate for additional funds to serve more children in need.
  • Expand child care to rural areas by supporting the YWCAs efforts to establish at least one rural center and training for home-based facilities
  • Increase the number of TRS providers by 20%
  • Continue promotion of STEAM into post-secondary initiatives by increasing the number of partners by 25%
  • Increase the number of paid and unpaid internships by increasing the number of participating entities by 25%
  • Create three in-demand certifications for trade/blue collar positions
  • Create job readiness curriculum and assessment for HS Seniors in partnership with urban and rural ISD’s to better prepare young adults to be more marketable in workforce  
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
Guiding Principles
  • Maintain a diverse and sustainable financial plan to ensure the organization's long-term viability
  • Focus on customer-value services
  • Be the standard for "best-in-class"
  • Maintain inspired/competent WSB Team
  • Make a positive impact on our region